Broken Orange Pekoe Tea with Silver Tips

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Our Broken Orange Pekoe is 100% single origin, direct trade, organic, Ceylon tea with no additives. We pick two leaves and a bud to bring you the highest quality, most flavourful black tea and then blend it with Silver Tips, the rarest tea in the world, bringing a new level of complexity to the flavour of our Broken Orange Pekoe and increasing the antioxidant value.

RCTC Broken Orange Pekoe, grown at an elevation of over 7,000 feet above sea level. Known around the world for its strong full-bodied flavor and is considered to be the hallmark of Ceylon High grown teas.  When brewed strong, for over 5 minutes, pairs well with milk and sugar. When brewed for a shorter period of time (2-3 mins) has a light distinct flavour and is best drunk clear.   Orange Pekoe comes from the House of Orange and does not pertain to citrus fruit. Hails from a mountainous region filled with waterfalls, forest land, and tea plantations. – Kachan winds, rain, and brilliant sunshine give our tea the circle of quality in every cup.

We are UVA TEAS CANADA INC., sole representative of one of the worlds oldest tea plantation companies, the Royal Ceylon Tea Company, est.1885.

The tea is the only tea to have the Tea Manufacturers Guild seal of approval, due to the tea being "picked, processed and packed in 24 hours" ©.  This tea is sealed in a 5 laminate foil pouch that locks in the freshness, factory direct to you. This results in some of the freshest, healthiest (because of the high level of antioxidants) and flavourful tea you will ever have.