We at UVA Teas Canada realize that organizations struggle to raise funds for their numerous charities.

We are grateful, after our 140-year history, to still be here, producing our premier quality hand-plucked teas that our loyal clientèle has come to savor over the years.

Our roots run deep.  Ours is a brand that has withered time immemorial.  We don't need to compete with the rest, we remain steadfast in what we do.

In our quest to "pay it forward", we offer our age-old brand as a conduit through which your organization can raise funds. Our selection of charity tins are themed tenderly to speak of the human condition.  These tins can be in support of your charity and used as a means to fundraise, increase your donor base and provide for them a quality product.

Ask us about your fund raising needs.

Epiphany of Hope Tin

This beautiful tin speaks of hope and houses 200 grams of our finest Broken Orange Pekoe tea with silver tips.  The poetry was written by Poet, Viki Alles-Crouch.

UVA TEAS CANADA is the official Cause Marketing Arm for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Should you like to organize a fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, order your tins today.

Kitsugi Tin

Kitsugi is the ancient Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer dust.  The idea being, broken bones mend stronger.  This theme works well in fundraising for any number of charities.  This tin contains 200 grams of our finest Broken Orange Pekoe with silver tips.


Stock Tin

Currently, both Knights of Columbus and the Ottawa Senators Foundation have participated in using our tin with their sticker on it, to raise funds for their charities.

Ask us about your fundraising needs.  Contact president@uvateas.ca or visit us on Facebook.