UVA Teas Canada Inc.

We are UVA TEAS, sole representative of one of the worlds oldest tea plantation companies, the Royal Ceylon Tea Company, est.1885.


The tea is the only tea to have the Tea Manufacturers Guild seal of approval, due to the tea being "Picked, Processed and Packed in 24 hours" ©.  This tea is sealed in a 5 laminate foil pouch that locks in the freshness, factory direct to you. This results in some of the freshest, healthiest (because of the high level of antioxidants) and flavourful tea you will ever have.



Our Mission:

“For all tea consumers to be educated about and supplied with high quality tea and tea products.”

Our Vision:

“To provide all tea consumers with an authentic tea experience using industry expertise that dates back to 1885 and to become global tea and health beverage industry leaders.”


With the formation of UVA Teas Canada comes the launch of its first value added product line for Tea Manufacturers Guild approved teas packed in a nitrogen flushed 200 gram pouch. This product line entails the use of the RCTC specialty single estate loose leaf tea, which is packaged in a triple laminate foil pouch, that is nitrogen flushed.

Tea Manufacturer’s Guild was created by a group of top scientists and planters to create a set of standards for all tea plantation companies, for all tea growing countries around the world, to implement. Most of these plucking and manufacturing standards have never been heard of in the tea industry and therefore has revolutionized the tea industry as a whole.

Royal Ceylon Tea Company, est.1885 is the first tea plantation to receive TMG approval and therefore all teas represented by UVA TEAS are premier quality TMG approved teas from RCTC.

TMG standards are the following:

  • All teas must come from single estate plantations, manufactured at source and placed in nitrogen flushed packaging “Picked, Processed and Packed in 24hours”©.
  • All tea must be hand plucked using the orthodox method of two leaves and a bud.

Tea is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Traditional packaging methods package tea in air, which contains moisture.

Our revolutionary ‘Time Lock Tea Technology©’ employs two methods to ensure freshness: The packaging process involves the removal of air from the pack and replaces it with nitrogen gas, which is inert or nonreactive. Tea is packaged in a triple-laminated foil pack from which the nitrogen gas cannot escape. The nitrogen flushing of the tea pouch is carried out using our proprietary ‘Time Lock Tea Technology®’, which serves as a ‘fountain of youth’ for the tea, as it prevents the tea from undergoing oxidation or absorbing any moisture from the air and deteriorating in flavour and freshness.


Why Tea?

Health Benefits - Hundreds of recent scientific research studies have found many health benefits associated with tea, including reducing 'bad cholesterol', improving cardiovascular tone, reducing cancer pathology, preventing infection by boosting innate immune-protective mechanisms and improving neuro-cognition.

International Popularity - Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water.

Value in USA - The American tea industry surpassed a worth of $ 2.25 Billion after having a 16% increase in tea sales over the past 5 years.

Value in Canada - Tea consumption will increase by 40% by 2020, with a current market value of CA$ 423.8 Million.

Market Trends - Coca Cola and McDonalds have suffered major profit losses in the last quarter based on a market push towards ‘healthier fare’. Wal-Mart stores have begun introducing organic food lines in response to the growing influence of health-savvy consumers.

Why the RCTC brand?

Experience - RCTC has been in operation since 1885, making for an extremely well versed tea business that has withstood the test of time.

Uva Flavour - Tea grown in the mountains of Uva is considered the most prestigious and highest-price fetching tea from Sri Lanka, based on its geographical location.

The ‘3Ps of Freshness©’ Guarantee - This is a proprietary process that guarantees the freshest tea by picking, processing and packaging the tea in 24 hours, unlike most other teas that take a minimum of 4 days to complete this process.

‘Time Lock Tea Technology©’ Packaging - Tea is packaged with the inert gas, nitrogen, to ensure that the tea is factory-fresh when the customer opens the package.

‘This Tea is 100% Green’ Guarantee - Tea is fertilized using 100% organic compost produced on the tea estates and no pesticides are used.

The Mother’s Wish Foundation® - This non-profit organization was started at the plantations of RCTC. It is an organization aimed at providing women with the training and resources needed to provide a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their families. We propose to set up other similar charities designed to help the underprivileged around the world.

Pure Ceylon Tea - The name ‘Ceylon Tea’ and the famous Lion logo that goes with it indicates that the tea grown and manufactured entirely in Sri Lanka conforms to strict quality standards laid down and administered by the Sri Lankan Tea Board.

Clean - Sri Lanka retains its position as the ‘Best in Class’ producer of quality tea, also considered by the Technical Committee of the ISO as the cleanest tea in the world. The same high standards will be applied for purchase of other tea inventory from other countries. Ozone Friendly Tea - Many steps have been taken to comply with international environmental standards, making tea the first beverage to become ozone friendly.